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Kent Electronics, started in 1986 with part of its roots in Kent, United Kingdom and is based in Hoek, a small village in the south-west part of The Netherlands near Belgium and is specialised in RF parts, Valves and Radio & Electronics kits. Notwithstanding the fact  that the website is entirely written in the Dutch language, I 've shipped parts & kits all over the world, from Norway to Australia, and from the UK  to Canada.


My commercial Blurp is called The Kent Gazette which you can view, save and print from this site. Not everything fits in The Gazette, so find your way in all the other pdf’s linked to in the index . If you live outside The Netherlands and want to order some bits & bats from this site, please do not hesitate to contact me in order to  discuss payment and means of delivery, because the standard rate for postage and standard methods of payment are not applicable to you ! E-mail me, my name is Rinus Jansen.


Think twice before ordering any kits, folks !

Unless you are living in South Africa,  you will definitely not understand our funny lingo in which the building instructions are given.

The same goes for the books I’ve written, you can buy them for the schematics though...


Also beware of ordering heavy stuff, since postage rates are scooping out your wallet very, very fast…


Please note that EU banks finally introduced an interesting scheme to get money form one EU bank to the other without ripping us off our  hard-earned cash to pay for transfercosts etc.


You  can nowadays transfer Euro’s with the same cost as national transfers using IBAN/ BIC procedure.


 PayPal as from now :  no problem !  Let me know what you want and I’ll send you a Payment Request





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